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About Us

Hakuba Jazz®︎ is based on the spirit of "HOPE," which is an acronym of Heritage, Optimism, Playfulness, and Experience.


Our Story

Jazz is an art that thrives on respect and improvisation.


Harmony is created through a balance of respect for fellow musicians and creative self-expression. In these uncertain and unclear times, jazz offers a hopeful glimpse into a harmonious future.


Inspired by this belief, Hakuba Jazz® brings together diverse people through music, providing opportunities to connect amidst the majestic natural beauty of Hakuba, Nagano.

The Hakuba Jazz® brand was created by PETER SCHMIDT GROUP , one of Europe's leading design studios.
The brand's motif, the horse, represents the essence of jazz, where diverse elements come together to create harmony.


  • 2020: Hakuba Jazz®︎ was born in Hakuba Village amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Artists gathered in Hakuba despite restrictions on their activities. In December, the first event was held for local Hakuba residents.

  • 2021: "Hakuba Jazz Experience Vol.1" will be held free of charge at Snow Peak Land Station Hakuba. "Vol.2" will be held at Hakuba WING21 Cultural Hall in December.

  • 2022: The Peter Schmidt Group will establish the Hakuba Jazz®︎ branding. On December 17th, the first "Hakuba Jazz®︎ 2022 Festival" will be held in collaboration with Hakuba Village, inviting six artists.

  • 2023: In May, a collaborative event will be held with the J-Pop event "Yoohoo Festival." A NYE concert will be held on New Year's Eve in December.

  • 2024: The second Hakuba Jazz®︎ 2024 Festival is scheduled to be held.

Ambassador: Nathan East

Nathan East, the world's best bassist
He was appointed as the Hakuba Jazz®︎ Ambassador. With a career spanning more than 40 years,
Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton,
He has participated in a number of notable works, including those of Whitney Houston.

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