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Would you like to perform in Hakuba?

Come play with us at our exclusive locations created for aspiring musicians this green season!

Hakuba Jazz®︎ has been working to establish a musical culture in Hakuba Valley since 2020! As part of our new initiative this summer, we're offering a stage for musicians to perform amidst Hakuba's breathtaking scenery. We're accepting applications from all genres.

Previous participants have raved, "It's so moving to perform in such a spectacular setting!" Why not experience this special opportunity yourself? It's perfect for up-and-coming musicians, summer vacation music club performances, or showcases for those who've been playing music for years.

We're actively seeking applications! For details or to apply, click here. [Check out the stage atmosphere here↓] *Featuring performances by local artists, violinist Asuka Kawase and pianist Yuri Hirano! Many musicians gather in Hakuba during the green season! We look forward to your challenge!

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